The Cygnus Wall

The Cygnus Wall!  This portion of the North America Nebula is called the 'Cygnus Wall'. It's a region in the North America Nebula that exibits the most concentrated star formation. This nebula is around 1,600 light years from Earth. The wall spans 20 light years across!!

Equipment :

Mount  - SkyWatcher EQ6R Pro

Telescope - Skywatcher Evostar 100ED

Camera - ZWO ASI294MC Pro

Guiding Scope  - SVBony SV106

Guiding Camera - ZWO ASI120mm Mini

Acquisition - ZWO ASI Air Plus

Narrowband Filter - Optolong Lextreme


Exposure  - 5 min subs with Lextreme

Integration - 2 hrs

Gain - 120

Bortle Scale - 7

Software  - Pixinsight, Photoshop